Software Review: X-Fire

X-fire is an instant messaging application which is available through freeware. The difference here is that this instant messaging application was made for gamers. The thing that makes it so “special” is that it can detect games and that is not all. Game detection is only one of its many features. Just like any other instant messaging application you can send instant messages, set your current status, invite friends to the current game that you are playing, provided that they have that game installed. This nifty application also has multiprotocol support, what that means is that there are AOL instant messenger and also Windows live messenger application plug-in built in, it only allows chatting but that is enough in its own because there are more to this application than what meets the eye. Recent upgrades included access to twitter accounts and Google talk through your x-fire application.

At the risk of sounding like one of those TV infomercials, there is more that this application offers for its loyal gamers. Gamers are a demanding bunch of people, they want the whole package or they do not want any of it at all. This application has voice chat so that you and your mates can communicate while in game and that way you do not have to install a third party application or worry if your game supports voice chat, and tune it till you can get through to your mates. You can take screenshots to post on forums for bragging rights, you can also record videos and here is something new, you can actually “broadcast” your game play to fellow gamers and on the web but there is a small catch; X-fire will only allow you to record, broadcast video that it is compatible with and with the present gaming world, it supports most titles.

There was an SDK that was released, the purpose was to give gamers the freedom to expose game data to X-fire, but the gamer can only take screenshots with games that are not compatible. X-fire also allows gamers to form clans and guilds by inviting and adding their mates and fellow gamers. There is also a feature that allows you to browse the internet. All these features are available provided you launch the game through X-fire. As of recently X-fire supports 1,520 games and adding, of multiple genre’s. It’s not like X-fire just wants to get its application out there for gamers to enjoy, X-fire likes to stay connected with gamers. X-fire hosts a different event once every month, the purpose is to get gamers engaged with developers and producers of X-fire by holding chat sessions, debates on games and applications, tournaments between clans and guilds and the ever so popular Machinima contests.

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