Software review Fraps

Software review Fraps:

The term Fraps was derived from the industry term Frames Per Second. Fraps is a third part application that is used for capturing screenshots, video’s and also benchmarking games. This application is utilized in Direct X applications and also in OpenGl applications. The main reason this application is used widely is for measuring a computer’s performance with any given game and also for recording games. Fraps is also used in making Machinima films. Fraps allows gamers to record games without causing a great impact on the performance of games. Fraps allows you to capture some of those epic moments that cannot be described in words. If you are an avid gamer, you will need some concrete proof for that awesome kill streak or that epic vehicle stunt. Benchmarking using fraps helps you tune your PC and your graphics so that you get the best of your machine and game alike.

Demo version of game has a watermark logo on top of the video and the recording time is also limited to 30 seconds per session. Any still image captures are captured in Bitmap (BMP) format. If you get the paid version you get unlimited recording time and can take screenshots in a multitude of formats like PNG, TGA, and JPEG file formats to name a few. One problem is that the recorded files are kept in pretty large file formats and they are recorded in AVI format. In order to reduce the file size it is recommended to get a decent video converter to compress the files for better sharing and managing purposes. The developer claims that this software can capture at 100 fps at a screen resolution set at 1152X864, this is possible with single core CPU’s and 2560X1600 on a dual core processor. This is a tall order and big words but it all comes down to your graphics card limits.

Make sure that you have the latest drivers installed, enough space on your HDD for all those heavy files and ample RAM. Any application’s function strictly depends on your computer’s hardware. With the multitude of recording options and ability to take snapshots in multiple formats, Machinima artists and regular gamers have a number of options in front of them and can show off their talents for bragging rights. Fraps displays a FPS meter at the desired corner of your computer screen, the color of the numbers go red when you are recording and green when not recording. The numbers do not show up on the final recorded product. Although Fraps is only compatible on windows operating system, there is no news if the application will be available on other operating systems. It is important to note that the user is running programs that involve Direct X and OpenGL.

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