Fastest Web Browser

Fastest Web Browser:

Web browsers have been around for as long as internet has existed. Browsers are the basic platform to connect to the internet. The fastest web browser might be hard to pick amongst the various browsers available in the present era. However, as an internaut, you are looking for  compatibility, functionality, delivering capabilities and overall optimized speed in your browser. The type of internet connection is important to your browsers functionality. It is highly unlikely to get broadband speeds on a dial-up connection just because of using a particular browser. The browser is an application through which you connect to the internet, and a browser functionality depends on the internet connection which you have installed.

The very first release of a browser can be dated back to the fruitful year of 1996. Certain browsers were made to run on specific operating systems, but now there are a multitude of browsers that run on multiple operating systems. Some browsers are open source and are distributed through several freeware sites.

Many browsers claim to be the fastest and have added features that enhance your browsing, but such claims are yet to be proved. The most common place to answer the question ‘which browser is best’ is to go with the most favorite one or the most common one that is being used by the community.

Note that security is also a feature that cannot be overlooked when browsing. Choose a browser that has the facility to link up with your antivirus application and helps red flag any malicious software that you might be downloading or block any malicious sites or pop up’s that ask you to enter your credentials. The browser should have the facility to pause and resume your downloads at any given time. A browser should help you keep a record of all websites that you visit, so that you can keep an eye on what websites your little ones have been visiting and also have a feature to block users from visiting any sites which you do not wish them to visit.

Your operating software comes with a default browser that has all the above mentioned requirements. Some features might be missing but you can always update and upgrade according to your requirements. Not to sound repetitive, but your browsing speed depends on your internet speed provided by your ISP and also how well your browser connects to the internet with. There are multiple options to choose from and when choosing which browser to go with, please keep certain things in mind, so that you get the best that this global linking method has to offer. Some common browsers include, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (provided with Microsoft OS) and Opera. All these browsers claim to be the best but their usage depends on the user and his/her browsing. Some browsers made to run on multiple OS were later dropped or terminated, some browsers also have BETA running so you can use them before they are officially released and test to see if they meet your requirements.

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